Accepted articles

Here you can find the abstracts of recently accepted articles. Once typeset, the articles will be published at the Wildlife Biology BioOne site

27 March 2018

Evidence for an additive effect of hunting mortality in an alpine black grouse Lyrurus tetrix population

Zbinden, Niklaus; Salvioni, Marco; Korner-Nievergelt, Fränzi; Keller, Verena
13 February 2018

Sustainable management of migratory European ducks: finding model species

Holopainen, Sari; Arzel, Céline; Elmberg, Johan; Fox, Anthony; Guillemain,...
30 January 2018

Effects of food supplementation on the nesting dynamics of wild northern bobwhite

Buckley, Byron; Andes, Alica; Dabbert, Brad
27 January 2018

Search strategies for conservation detection dogs

Glen, Al; Veltman, Clare
24 November 2017

Poor body condition and diet diversity in a harvested population of fishers

Kirby, Rebecca; Freeh, Carissa; Gilbert, Jonathan; Olson, John F.; Pauli,...
12 October 2017

Partial Meso-Mammal Predator Removal Positively Affects Northern Bobwhite Reproduction

Jackson, Alexander; Palmer, William ; Sisson, D.; Terhune, Theron; Martin, James