Accepted articles

Here you can find the abstracts of recently accepted articles. Once typeset, the articles will be published at the Wildlife Biology BioOne site

1 November 2019

Effectiveness of lasers to reduce goose grazing on agricultural grassland

Clausen, Kevin; Marcussen, Luna; Knudsen, Niels; Balsby, Thorsten; Madsen,...
28 October 2019

Effects of forestry practices on habitat variables and mammal abundance in a Japanese larch plantation

Eom, Tae-Kyung; Hwang, Hyun-Su; Lee, Jae-Kang; Bae, Ho-Kyoung; Park, Chan-Ryul...
18 October 2019

Estimating the Survival of Unmarked Young From Repeated Counts

Lyons, Timothy; Stodola, Kirk; Benson, Thomas
27 June 2019

Back to the basics with conservation detection dogs: fundamentals for success

DeMatteo, Karen; Davenport, Barbara; Wilson, Louise
9 June 2019

Diversionary feeding of red fox in spring increased productivity of forest grouse in south-east Norway

Finne, Mats; Kristiansen, Per; Wegge, Per; Rolstad, Jørund
1 June 2019

No longer a leap in the dark: the importance of protein as an energy source in amphibians

Brenes-Soto, Andrea; Dierenfeld, Ellen; Muñoz-Saravia, Arturo; Janssens, Geert
15 May 2019

Habitat fragmentation and anthropogenic factors affect wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) occupancy and detectability on Mt. Etna

Anile, Stefano; Devillard, Sebastien; Ragni, Bernardino; Rovero, Francesco;...
13 May 2019

Prey availability and accessibility drive hunter movement

Wszola, Lyndsie; Stuber, Erica; Chizinski, Christopher; Lusk, Jeffrey; Fontaine...