Accepted articles

Here you can find the abstracts of recently accepted articles. Once typeset, the articles will be published at the Wildlife Biology BioOne site

6 February 2019

Can antler stage represent an activity driver in axis deer (Axis axis)?

Kavčić, Krešimir; Safner, Toni; Rezić, Andrea; Ugarković, Damir; Konjević, Dean...
21 January 2019

Predation, predator control and grouse populations: a review

Kämmerle, Jim-Lino; Storch, Ilse
15 January 2019

Foraging behavioural traits of tropical insectivorous birds lead to dissimilar communities in contrasting forest habitats

Castaño-Villa, Gabriel; Santisteban-Arenas, Rafael; Hoyos-Jaramillo, Alejandro...
11 January 2019

Rocks rock: the importance of rock formations as resting sites of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)

Signer, Johannes; Filla, Marc ; Schoneberg, Sebastian; Kneib, Thomas ; Bufka,...
8 January 2019

Capture effects in wild boar: a multifaceted behavioural investigation

Brogi, Rudy; Brivio, Francesca; Bertolucci, Cristiano; Benazzi, Michele;...
15 December 2018

Impact of capture and chemical immobilization on the spatial behaviour of red deer (Cervus elaphus) hinds

Becciolini, Valentina; Lanini, Francesco; Ponzetta, Maria Paola
29 November 2018

Impact of winter enclosures on the gut bacterial microbiota of red deer in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Menke, Sebastian; Heurich, Marco; Henrich, Maik; Wilhelm, Kerstin; Sommer,...
20 November 2018

Wolf space use during denning season on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Roffler, Gretchen; Gregovich, David