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24 November 2017

Poor body condition and diet diversity in a harvested population of fishers

Kirby, Rebecca; Freeh, Carissa; Gilbert, Jonathan; Olson, John F.; Pauli,...
24 October 2017

Winter Hunting Behavior and Habitat Selection of Wolves in a Low-density Prey System

Johnson, Ian; Brinkman, Todd; Lake, Bryce; Brown, Casey
12 October 2017

Partial Meso-Mammal Predator Removal Positively Affects Northern Bobwhite Reproduction

Jackson, Alexander; Palmer, William ; Sisson, D.; Terhune, Theron; Martin, James
25 September 2017

Managing grassland for wildlife: the effects of rotational burning on tick presence and abundance in African savannah habitat

Goodenough, Anne; Harrell, Alison; Keating, Rachel; Rolfe, Richard; Stubbs,...
6 September 2017

Difference in exposure of water birds to covered and uncovered float muskrat sets

Gross Jr, Rodney; Tucker, Stephanie; Darby, Brian; Felege, Susan