Accepted articles

Here you can find the abstracts of recently accepted articles. Once typeset, the articles will be published at the Wildlife Biology BioOne site

23 January 2020

Variability of daily space use in wild boar Sus scrofa

Johann, Franz; Handschuh, Markus; Linderoth, Peter; Heurich, Marco; Dormann,...
20 January 2020

Using faecal glucocorticoid metabolite analyses to elucidate stressors of African wild dogs (<i>Lycaon pictus</i>) from South Africa

Crossey, Bruce; Chimimba, Christian ; du Plessis, Cole; Hall, Grant; Ganswindt...
13 January 2020

Re-evaluation of the wolf population management units in central Europe

Gula, Roman; Bojarska, Katarzyna; Theuerkauf, Jörn; Król, Wiesław; OKARMA,...
9 January 2020

Moose calf detection probabilities: quantification and evaluation of a ground-based survey technique.

Bergman, Eric; Hayes, Forest; Lukacs, Paul; Bishop, Chad
8 January 2020

Endoparasite diversity of the main wild ungulates in Portugal

Figueiredo, Ana M.; Valente, Ana M.; Fonseca, Carlos ; Madeira de Carvalho,...
7 January 2020

Has the sex-specific structure of Finland’s brown bear population changed during 21 years?

Kojola, Ilpo; Hallikainen, Ville; Nivala, Vesa; Heikkinen, Samuli
17 December 2019

Consequences of ignoring group association in spatial capture-recapture analysis

Bischof, Richard; Dupont, Pierre; Milleret, Cyril; Chipperfield, Joseph; Royle...
4 December 2019

Predictors of puma occupancy indicate prey vulnerability is more important than prey availability in a highly fragmented landscape

Coon, Courtney; Edelblutte, Emilie; Mahoney, Peter; McDonald, Zara; Stoner,...
4 December 2019

Woodpecker cavity establishment in managed forests: relative rather than absolute tree size matters.

Basile, Marco; Asbeck, Thomas; Pacioni, Cesare; Mikusiński, Grzegorz; Storch,...