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25 April 2017

Editorial for Grouse-issue

Oscarson, Petter
6 April 2017

Weather affects temporal niche partitioning between moose and livestock

Herfindal, Ivar; Lande, Unni; Solberg, Erling Johan ; Rolandsen, Christer; Roer...
29 March 2017

Ungulate population monitoring in an open tundra landscape: distance sampling versus total counts

Le Moullec, Mathilde; Pedersen, Åshild; Yoccoz, Nigel; Aanes, Ronny; Tufto,...
17 March 2017

Gray fox home range, spatial overlap, mated pair interactions and extra-territorial forays in southwestern Georgia, USA

Deuel, Nicholas; Conner, L; Miller, Karl; Chamberlain, Michael; Cherry, Michael...
24 February 2017

Is GPS telemetry location error screening beneficial?

Ironside, Kirsten; Mattson, David; Arundel, Terence; Hansen, Jered
16 February 2017

Wintering bird responses to the presence of artificial surface water in a semi-arid rangeland

Tanner, Evan; Elmore, R.; Davis, Craig; Fuhlendorf, Samuel
8 February 2017

Male vigilance and presence are important for foraging by female Chinese Grouse in the pre-incubation period

Lou, Yingqiang; Shi, Mei; Fang, Yun; Swenson, Jon; Lyu, Nan; Sun, Yuehua
8 February 2017

Spatial distribution of Svalbard rock ptarmigan based on a predictive multi-scale habitat model

Pedersen, Åshild; Fuglei, Eva; Hörnell-Willebrand, Maria; Biuw, Martin; Jepsen...
7 February 2017

Feather holes of rock ptarmigan are associated with amblyceran chewing lice

Stenkewitz, Ute; Nielsen, Olafur; Skírnisson, Karl; Stefánsson, Gunnar