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12 October 2017

Partial Meso-Mammal Predator Removal Positively Affects Northern Bobwhite Reproduction

Jackson, Alexander; Palmer, William ; Sisson, D.; Terhune, Theron; Martin, James
25 September 2017

Managing grassland for wildlife: the effects of rotational burning on tick presence and abundance in African savannah habitat

Goodenough, Anne; Harrell, Alison; Keating, Rachel; Rolfe, Richard; Stubbs,...
6 September 2017

Difference in exposure of water birds to covered and uncovered float muskrat sets

Gross Jr, Rodney; Tucker, Stephanie; Darby, Brian; Felege, Susan
23 August 2017

Reproductive success of mule deer in a natural gas development area

Peterson, Mark; Anderson, Jr, Charles; Northrup, Joe; Doherty, Paul
28 July 2017

‘Video-scats’: combining camera trapping and non-invasive genotyping to assess individual identity and hybrid status in gray wolf

Canu, Antonio; Mattioli, Luca; Santini, Alberto; Apollonio, Marco ; Scandura,...
25 July 2017

How do land-use practices affect human-elephant conflict in Nepal?

Neupane, Dinesh; Johnson, Ronald; Risch, Thomas
20 July 2017

Quantifying Meso-Mammal Cave Use in Central Texas

Montalvo, Andrea; Lopez, Roel; Parker, Israel; Silvy, Nova; Cooper, Susan;...