Accepted articles

Here you can find the abstracts of recently accepted articles. Once typeset, the articles will be published at the Wildlife Biology BioOne site

20 July 2018

Antler Manipulation Procedures for Use in Social and Behavioral Studies of Deer

Morina, Daniel; Demarais, Steve; Chesser, G. ; Lowe, J. ; Strickland, Bronson
2 July 2018

Recognizing the danger zone: response of female white-tailed to discrete hunting events.

Sullivan, Jeffery; Ditchkoff, Stephen; Collier, Bret; Ruth, Charles; Raglin,...
30 June 2018

Population monitoring and modelling of yellow-shouldered parrot on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Rivera-Milán, Frank; Simal, Fernando ; Bertuol, Paulo; Boomer, Scott
20 June 2018

Accuracy and performance of low-feature GPS collars deployed on bison (Bison bison) and caribou (Rangifer tarandus)

Jung, Thomas; Hegel, Troy; Bentzen, Torsten; Egli, Katherina; Jessup, Lars;...
19 June 2018

Effects of female body mass and climate on reproduction in northern wild boar

Bergqvist, Göran; Paulson, Sam; Elmhagen, Bodil
4 June 2018

Chronic Wasting Disease Detection and Mortality Sources in a Semi-Protected Deer Population

Schuler, Krysten; Jenks, Jonathan; Klaver, Robert; Jennelle, Christopher;...
16 May 2018

The foraging ecology of reintroduced African wild dog in small protected areas

Vogel, John; Somers, Michael; Venter, Jan