Upcoming special issue: Indirect effects of hunting

Submitted by editor on 4 October 2023.
Photo by Sebastian Schwegmann.

Indirect effects of hunting on Wildlife

Editors: Luca Corlatti and Simone Ciuti

Wildlifers have long overlooked the indirect consequences of hunting. Lately, mounting evidence reveals how hunting can significantly modify wildlife behavior, social structures, habitat associations, and even the evolutionary trajectories of targeted populations. This is also relevent for management: For instance, hunted populations exhibit increased vulnerability to disturbances from tourists and outdoor recreation.

This special issue aims to raise awareness about the indirect impacts of hunting on wildlife and invites research articles, short communications, reviews, methods, or viewpoint pieces that explore this subject across a spectrum of contexts, spanning from theoretical considerations to practical applications.

Note that papers included in a special issue are on average more downloaded and read than an average paper. By being part of a special issue, your research will get greater visibility and outreach, and ultimately more citations.

Submissions should adhere to the journal's formatting and citation style guidelines. All manuscripts will undergo peer review by experts in the field to ensure scientific rigor and quality. Please note that by submitting a paper to a special issue does to guarantee acceptance of the paper. Once a paper is ready, it will be published on Early View, and therefore does not have to wait on publication until all papers in the Special Issue are ready.

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Submission deadline 1 November 2024