Welcome new Editor Christian Hagen!

Submitted by editor on 9 January 2015.

We are very pleased to welcome Christian Hagen to our editorial board. To get to know Christian better I asked him a few questions:

1.      What's your main research focus at the moment?

Examining demographic and behavioral response (habitat use) to large scale habitat manipulation (e.g., catastrophic wildfire, removal of invasive plant species, rangeland management practices)

2.      Can you describe your research career? 

My research carreer began started with surveying greater sage-grouse on their breeding grounds in 1996. I havn't been able to escape grouse conservation since; conducting research on sage-grouse in Colorado for my master's, lesser prairie-chicken in Kansas for my PhD, sage grouse conservation planning and research for Oregon Dept. of fish and wildlife (a stint in there working on columbian sharp-tailed grouse, spruce grouse, and long term data on forest grouse harvests). Then back again to lesser prairie-chickens, working for US Dept of Agriculture evaluating the effectiveness of sustainable agriculture (i.e. ranching primarily) practices to improve or restore prairie-chicken habitat.

3.      What led you to becoming a wildlife scientist?

As a boy of 9, my uncle took me to see a pair of bald eagles in the wild, a pair that were the result of a population reintroduction effort. At this time, bald eagles were still relatively rare in the lower 48. It was a big deal, and it inspired me to become a "birder".  From there, my studies focused on the environment and policy, but I realized (after a bachelor's degree) that policy wasn't for me. Thus I began pursuing opportunities and experience in the field (counting grouse in '96), and the rest is, well, my current career.

4. What do you do when you're not working?

Almost anything that gets me into the forest or desert. Taking a sea kayak to the high lakes of cascade mountains is a great summer activity. Telemark skiing in winter, and in between, chasing elk with my recurve bow or pursuing waterfowl and upland birds with my Kleine Munsterlander, Renny.