Guidelines to Supplementary Material

Supplementary material in Wildlife Biology

Papers in WILDLIFE BIOLOGY may be supplemented by additional substansive data. All additional data must be approved by editors and reviewers. The Supplementary material (SM) is posted at WILDLIFE BIOLOGY'S Editorial Office homepage There is no cost for the publishing of Supplementary material.

The supplementary data may take the form of figures, tables, datasets, derivations, formulas, videos etc. Authors should express their intention to include SM with their paper during submission. In addition, editors may suggest that part of the submitted manuscript could be more suitably presented as supplementary material only to save journal space and to focus the paper. Authors who place detailed materials and methods in SM must provide sufficient detail in the main article methods to enable a reader to follow the logic of the procedures and results and must also provide reference to the online methods. If a paper is fundamentally a study of a new method or technique, then the methods must be described completely in the main paper.

Preparation of Supplementary material is in four stages:

(1) Preparation of main manuscript text
Supplementary material should be cited in the main text of your article, just like other figures and tables are. The SM is cited as, e.g. ‘…(Supplementary material Appendix 1, Fig. A1)’ (where ‘A1’ denotes Supplementary material Appendix). Equations are denoted as Eq. A1, Tables as Table A1, etc….

(2) Preparation of reference to Supplementary material in main manuscript
The Supplementary material reference is inserted after the References section in the main paper. It should be in the form of:
Supplementary material (Appendix WLBXXXXX at <>). Appendix 1–2.

(3) Preparation of Supplementary material files
The Supplementary material can typically take the form of tables, graphs, photographs, formulas or short video clips. Supplements can include, but are not limited to, original and derived data sets, source code for simulation models, and software for unusual statistical analyses. Authors are encouraged to submit supplements so as to facilitate new analyses of their data, as well as validation of analyses already conducted. Appropriate metadata are required and must be provided in a standard format. The supplementary material can be in any file format, although the more common formats will ensure wider access. Text, figures, tables etc will be be published as pdf-files. Only in the case of executable material such as spreadsheets with datasets, videos etc, other formats will be allowed. The Supplementary material should be supplied in the final file-format when submitted.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The supplementary material is not edited by the journal. Great care should therefore be taken by you, the author, in preparing the file and in following these instructions. In particular, authors should ensure: (1) all legends/captions are informative, and are labelled correctly (e.g. Appendix 1, Table A1, Fig. A2), (2) the data presented are accurate, (3) text passages are grammatically correct, (4) the journal style is followed throughout, including additional references. There will be no opportunity to edit your Supplementary material once published online; thus the last version supplied upon acceptance, will be the one published. No changes at all can be made after this.
Ensure that the following items are present:
• Full bibliographic reference for the main paper (except for year, volume and page reference)
Smith, J. C. and Johnson, N. K. 2011. Ant–plant relations. – Wildlife Biology 000: 000–000.
• All necessary items are included
• All figure captions
• All tables (including title, description, footnotes)
Further considerations
• Manuscript has been ‘spell-checked’ and ‘grammar-checked’
• References are in the correct format for this journal
• All references mentioned in the Reference list are cited in the text, and vice versa
• Permission has been obtained for use of copyright material from other sources (including
from the Web)
The Supplementary material will not be posted until approved by the Technical editor.
If the required formats are not followed, the files will be returned to the authors until they fully comply with the layout of Wildlife Biology (see Guide for authors The material will be posted as supplied. Any faults, mistakes or incorrections are the responsibility of the authors.

(4) Naming the online files
Upon the first submission, the Supplementary material shall be included in the main manuscript file. The final version of your Supplementary material shall be supplied altogether in a single file, or if necessary, individually in separate files (and not embedded in your main manuscript file).

If there are any questions concerning file-formats etc. please contact the Managing Editor
(me [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org) or the Technical Editor (tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org)