Article processing charge and waivers

Wildlife Biology is an Open Access journal. The full content of the journal is accessible for everyone without any charge. In order to cover the costs for the production of the journal we need to charge the corresponding author an Article processing charge.

How much does it cost?

The cost is €700 (plus VAT if applicable). The cost is fixed and does not vary with the number of pages of your paper.


Yes, if

  • the corresponding author resides in a country identified by the Worldbank as ' Low-income economies' or 'Lower-middle-income economies' (Please visit the list for 'Low-income' and 'Lower-middle-income'). If the author group includes researchers from universities or institutes in other than ' Low-income economies' or 'Lower-middle-income economies', the publication fee will likely not be waived.


  • the first author is an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student at a university or an institute which do not provide funding for Open Access publication.


Please mail your request for a waiver of the publication fee to //tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org">tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org before submitting your manuscript. The decision on the application is final.

Requests for waivers for manuscripts that are already under peer review or have been typeset will not be granted.

The corresponding author must send the following information in the letter of request, together with any supporting documents:

- Manuscript title
- Article category
- Names and titles of all authors
- Institutional affiliations of all authors
- Type of waiver requested: Low-income or Lower-middle-income country waiver, or student waiver

- For student waivers, a certificate of enrollment from the university or supervisor is required. Student status should be certified for the time of submission

- Reason for waiver application
- Please explain how the research has been funded.

- Editors and reviewers have no access to author payment information. Inability to pay will not influence the editorial decision.

What about VAT?

If you reside in Sweden:

the publication fee is €875 (incl. VAT 25%)


If you reside in other European Union (EU) countries:

The publication fee is €875.


But, if you can provide a valid EU-VAT number you are eligible for a fee exempt of VAT at €700. In order to be eligible you need to:

a/ check that your EU-VAT number is valid at

b/ inform the technical editor at tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org about your EU-VAT number


If you reside outside the European Union (EU):

The publication fee is €875. If you pay the publication fee not as an individual but as a representative of a company or organisation registered for VAT (or equivalent in your country) you are eligible for a fee exempt of VAT at €700. In order to be eligible you need to:

provide inform about your affiliation to the technical editor at tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org


Direct any questions to tech [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org