Human impacts on capercaille in Scotland

How much do we humans effect the populations of wild animals in the woods? An important issue when it comes to endangered species! Robert Moss and his co-workes have studied human influences on populations of capercaillie in Scotland. Learn more in their paper "Walking iImpacts...

Welcome Simone Ciuti, new SE

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Simone Ciuti, Univeristy of Freiburg, Germany, to the Editorial Board of Wildlife Biology. Here's a short presentation of Simone and if you want to know more, please visit his webpage! 1. What's you main research focus at the moment? I am lucky...

March issue now published

The March issues of Wildlife Biology (Volume 20, issue 1) is now published at BioOne. All papers are Open Acesses.

Puma densities - are they reliable?

Now published online in Wildlife Biology, is a paper on density of pumas in Patagonia. Kurt A. Rinehart, L. Mark Elbroch and Heiko U. Wittmer are the authors to "Common biases in density estimation based on home range overlap with reference to pumas in Patagonia." Mark Elbroch...

Great News for Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology is now moving to Oikos Editorial Office, Lund. The handling of manuscripts will take place in Manuscriptcentral mc.manuscriptcentral/wlb If you want to contact us, send a mail to Managing Editor Åsa Langefors at me [at] wildlifebiology [dot] org Follow us on...


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