Call for papers: Wolves Across Borders

Submitted by editor on 1 February 2023.
Photo by Jim Peaco. Public domain National Park Service.


Wolves have always been at the center of human-wildlife conflict, and their management is politically polarized and contentious. Furthermore, the world’s wolf population ranges across an incredibly diverse collection of countries which represent a broad spectrum of cultures, environments, economies, and government structures. This is especially true in Eurasia, where wolves cross between the borders of over 50 different nations. Variation in cultural values, political objectives, monitoring strategies, and knowledge base about local wolf populations makes cross-border management complex.

For the special issue “Wolves Across Borders”, Wildlife Biology (a Gold Open Access journal) welcomes theoretical, empirical, and practical manuscripts of high standard from all areas of wolf science, ranging from the ecology and behavior of wolves to the human dimensions of wolf management and governance.

We here make an open call for papers to this special issue. Manuscripts can be submitted here. Deadline for full paper submission will be 30 September 2023. Guest editors: Aimee Tallian, Cecilia Di Bernardi, Barbara Zimmermann, Luigi Boitani, John Vucetich, Douglas Smith, Çağan Şekercioğlu and Josip Kusak. For questions, please email Editor-in-Chief: Ilse Storch (ilse [dot] storch [at] wildlife [dot] uni-freiburg [dot] de).

Meanwhile, enjoy this 'Visual Guide to Wolf Dentition & Age Determination' by Tyler J. Brasington, Jessica M. Hadley, Dan R. Stahler, Erin E. Stahler and Kira A. Cassidy from the Yellowstone Wolf Project. 

Prevoiusly published wolf research as a video abstract: How should we manage Baltic and Central European wolf populations? 


Please note that all submissions will go through a full peer review process. As an Open Access journal, Wildlife Biology has Article Processing Charges (APC). Please check to see if you are covered for your APC or have the right to a discount here.